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NEW for May 2024! See our latest product the CORE HL7 MySQL Schema Engine. Created entirely on .Net 8 for Windows. using our CORE HL7 API. Review the Online Help or download now.

21st Century HL7

Custom and commercial HL7 tools and software designed using the most up-to-date technologies from Microsoft with concentrations in .Net 6, .Net 7 and higher as well as the .Net Framework. From fully formed solutions like our MLLP TCP/IP HL7 Listeners and HL7 Senders, to native .Net and .Net Framework API libraries for HL7 message reading, creating, and processing.

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CORE HL7 Postmaster

Disseminate HL7 data from multiple sources to multiple end points. This program does it all! Send HL7 messages over TCP/IP! Receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP! Interface directly with our CORE HL7 MS SQL Schema Engine databases to import OR export HL7!

But wait, there's more! With this Postmaster you can SPLIT 1 HL7 data feed into many, CONSOLIDATE many data feeds into 1, filter out unwanted HL7 messages before they enter your system. Transform HL7 messages on the fly! You can do all of that with ONE HL7 Postmaster, and you can create as many Postmasters as you want! Review the Online Help for more information!

CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine

This is part of a series of videos which show how to get started with our newest HL7 database product the CORE HL7 MS SQL Schema Engine.

Just to demonstrate how easy this product is to use this 8 minute video shows everything you need to get going!

Starting with downloading and installing the software, activating a FREE Demo license, configuring the software and creating your first HL7 database, and importing your first HL7 messages. It doesn't get much easier than this. And at a maximum unit cost of US$600 it's incredibly affordable. Review the Online Help, or just download it now.

HL7 Databases

Implementing an HL7 SQL Server interface can be surprisingly simple! Use one of our database products to be up and running in minutes.

This is #1 in a series of videos and is a discussion of what exactly makes up a HL7 SQL Database. How it's created, how it grows organically, and how to view it. All within the context of our newest product the CORE HL7 MS SQL Schema Engine. Created entirely in native .Net 6 for Windows this thing is blazingly fast with benchmarks shown importing HL7 messages at over 1 million per hour! You can watch all videos for the CORE HL7 MS SQL Schema Engine on YouTube.

Our FREE HL7 Viewer

You can now use our FREE CORE HL7 Viewer to connect to and retrieve HL7 messages from your CORE HL7 MS SQL Database Schemas!.

This free HL7 software not only lets you view HL7 messages graphically! You can also search folders for HL7 message files and dynamically transform HL7 message data which can allow you to create an UNLIMITED array of unique HL7 messages for testing. Now you can also query your HL7 database! Download it now, it's free. Or watch all videos for the CORE HL7 Viewer on YouTube.

Clinical Messaging Interfaces

Implementing an HL7 interface doesn't have to be difficult! Use our HL7 products individually to perform specific tasks within existing interfaces, or collectively to build your own enterprise-scale HL7 solutions.

Expand your existing interfaces. The video describes how to get started Sending HL7 messages over TCP/IP using our CORE HL7 TCP/IP Sender from applications like your PMS to other HL7 trading partners like the EMR etc. It sets up in minutes and provides a simple, affordable, instantly available HL7 TCP/IP back-end for your existing HL7 solutions.

Review the Online Help, or just download it now.

Interface Design Designing HL7 Interfaces
Customer Service Is Important To Us
Customer Service Is Important To Us

Customer Service

Customer service is very important to us and we take it seriously. We employ no salespeople at TWS. Our entire staff which deal directly with customers is comprised solely of HL7 and medical software interface professionals to provide you with prompt, expert assistance when needed.

Never hesitate to contact us by email at support or by phone 24/7 at our USA Phone: (254) 549-0825 for immediate assistance.

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Created using the CORE HL7 Libraries for .Net 8 Created using the CORE HL7 Libraries for .Net 6 Created with CORE HL7 for the .Net Framework